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To All members Perth Bowling Club: 

Perth Bowling New Season Welcome Letter 

Important Notice of Closing Day!

I've been asked to inform you that the Perth Bowling Club will be holding their closing day on the 26th September 2020. 
report in by 13:30hrs for a 14:00hr start. Not the usual closing day venue, but due to the Coronavirus they will be holding a
Pairs Competition sponsored by Adil Hamdani.  
If you're interested on playing please contact Ross Dennis or Ally Roger to let them know that you'll be there.  
Enjoy your day and hopefully see you all next year. 

Stay safe.
Yours in Sport 
G. Barclay
Perth Bowling Club Secretary.

Do's and Dont's Within Attachments!

Bowls Scotland Latest Guidance Updates January 2021
Bowls Scotland COVID Tiers Update (07-01-2021)

AGM Guidance for Clubs and Associations (22-10-2020)


Scottish Government
Covid Protection Levels by Area

Bowls Scotland Guidance for Club/Association AGMs and Meetings during Covid-19

Positive Test Process (19-10-2020):
What to Do if Someone Tests Positive to Covid

Bowls Scotland Update (09-10-2020)

Bowl Scotland Statement

Bowls Scotland Updates (23-09-2020)

Bowls Scotland Statement

Bowls Scotland Updates (11-09-2020):

Bowls Scotland Statement

Bowls Scotland Updates (25-08-2020):

Bowls Scotland Statement

Phase 3 Guidance Document

Competitions Guidance

Guidance for Children & Young People (Under 17’s)



Bowls Scotland Updates (18-08-2020):

Bowls Scotland Statement for Phase 3 Competition Guidance Update

Bowls Scotland Competitions Guidance for Phase 3

Covid 19 Phase 3 FAQ's Version 4


Bowls Scotland Updates (31-07-2020):

Bowls Scotland Statement for Phase 3 Guidance Update (31-07-2020) :

2020-07-31 Phase 3 Version 2.0 Bowls Scotland Guidance.pdf

COVID 19 Phase 3 FAQ's Version 2.0 :


Bowls Scotland Statement (22-07-2020) :

COVID-19 Phase 3 Guidance for Bowling Activity for Children and Young People (22-07-2020) :

To All Members
Just to inform you that the Perth Bowling Club is now open for those that wish to get back on to the green.
Full Guidelines must be adhered to. Bring your own hand sanitiser, there is hand sanitiser available at the club but it's better to edge
on the safe side. The club is going to try the usual hat night this Thursday so if your wanting to give it a go get down there. 
The Bar will be open Thursday & Friday again with the usual guidelines in place. Enjoy.

G. Barclay
Club Secretary.

Bowls Scotland’s CEO Alan McMillan’s Q&A video discussing our Phase 3 Guidance and ‘Project New Start’ - (19-07-2020)
Click Here to View Video:

Bowls Scotland Updates (10-07-2020):

Bowls Scotland Statement for Phase 3 Guidance

COVID 19 Guidance Phase 3 Version 1.0

COVID 19 Phase 3 FAQ's Version 1.0


Bowls Scotland Updates (02-07-2020):

Bowls Scotland Statement

COVID 19 Guidance Phase 2 Version 3.0

COVID 19 FAQ's Phase 2 Version 3


Bowls Scotland Updates (24-06-2020):

Phase Two Update Statement

Guidance Return to the Green Updated Phase 2

Phase Two FAQ's Update


 Bowls Scotland Holding Statement (18/06/2020)

Click to display update from Bowls Scotland:


There's a further update from Bowls Scotland about those guidelines that must be in place. (29/05/2020)

Click to display update from Bowls Scotland:

Gordon Barclay has been in touch with the committee and they are in agreement that we wait till the Scottish Government have informed us what Phase Two is going to bring, (hopefully the opening of clubhouse! ).

But for those of you who cannot wait then you'll need to get in touch with Ross Dennis as he is prepared to run the booking times etc. Ally Roger is supplying hand sanitiser.

 AT this point there will not be any toilet facilities once you have received your bowls/shoes etc, and ready to play. till further details from Scottish Government allows the opening
of club houses.4

Gordon Barclay 
Perth Bowling Club Secretary.

Update 22nd May 2020

COVID-19 Statement for Getting Back on the Green Bowls included in extension to daily exercise guidelines (22nd MAY 2020)


The Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, yesterday announced an extension to public health exercise guidelines to include outdoor sporting activity which applies to Lawn Bowls commencing on the Friday 29th May. (This date is pending the final decision being made by Scottish Government on the 28th May)

Bowls Scotland have been liaising with our District Secretaries, sportscotland and the Scottish Government to create a Guidance Document for our clubs and bowlers to get safely back on the green. We are pleased to inform you that our bowls-specific Guidance Document has been approved by the Scottish Government.

The Guidance Document includes:

  1. Guidance for Bowling Clubs

  2. Guidance for Players

  3. Guidance for Bowling Activity (including before, during and after play)

  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  5. Additional Information for Clubs (i.e. Green Maintenance, Risk Assessment template, Rink booking template, Rink layout example)

Please click on the link here to view our full Guidance Document -

Bowls Scotland CEO, Alan McMillan, said: “I fully understand that a break from the game we all love, and miss will have had a significant impact on both the physical and mental health of thousands of bowlers in Scotland and I’m sure many of you cannot wait to take to the bowling green again.

“While this is good news, we would like to make it clear that this is not a return to our sport as we knew it before and the biggest priority for everyone continues to be public health. Therefore, it is crucial that all bowlers and everyone connected with our sport continue to adhere to the latest Scottish Government guidance and the information issued in our Guidance Document.

“Lawn Bowls is in the privileged position of being one of the first outdoor activities that the Scottish Government has included as part of its extended exercise guidance, allowing people to play our sport to aid with physical activity and mental wellbeing.

“As the National Governing Body for Lawn Bowls in Scotland we are not forcing any of our clubs to re-open or any of our members to play bowls. If your club has the correct safety procedures in place and follows the information detailed in the Guidance Document and as an individual you feel safe and have a desire to return to the bowling green, you can do so. However, if your club is not able to implement the prescribed safety measures, they must remain closed and we ask that you do not put unnecessary pressure on them to re-open.

“This Guidance Document is Phase One of getting back on the green which meets the Scottish Governments current guidelines. We will continue to update this information and the next phases for our clubs and members as the Scottish Government update their guidelines.”

“If we all carefully follow the guidelines and use good individual judgement this will ensure that in time, we can move towards a fully phased re­introduction of the game we all know and love.”

Bowls Scotland are aware that there is a huge difference of opinion between our members and clubs on getting back on the green - please be respectful and courteous towards each other when commenting on our social media platforms.



Update 18/05/2020

Good morning all,

I hope you have all had a good weekend and this finds you well. I believe a number of individuals have contacted BS enquiring and asking for updates with the discussions had at the recent Forums.  

Please find notes that were gathered from the Forums, as and when I receive any further updates these will be cascaded to the district 6 clubs. 

Bowls Scotland report/update

The three sessions were all very similar in terms of thoughts and opinions on what needs to be considered but did vary with regards to the desire to return to the green.  However, we all agreed that the health, safety and wellbeing of our members was the top priority and any guidance produced needs to highlight that there is absolutely no urgency or pressure for clubs or players to return to the green.  There was recognition that any return to the green will be purely for exercise purposes only.

The general themes emerging from the discussions included:

We have drafted guidance to include the above themes and are currently liaising with Sportscotland and the Scottish Government to ensure we are in line with any proposed changes to Scottish Government guidance on sport and physical activity.   We anticipate that there could be additional changes made to outdoor activity soon for the purpose of exercising and we feel we are in a good place to respond to this.   

Stay Safe and Take care Frances
Bowls Scotland District 6 Ladies Secretary

Statement by Bowls Scotland (11/05/2020):

Following on from Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement on Thursday 7th May, Bowls Scotland are reinforcing to all our clubs that your greens must remain closed for play. The message is still clear –stay at home and save lives.

We are continuing to work closely with the Scottish Government, Scottish Sports Association and sport Scotland to put in place the appropriate planning for bowls to return safely when restrictions on lock down are eased in Scotland.

All District Secretaries have been invited to online forums this week to discuss and help create guidance for our clubs on preparing for play. You can give your clubs views on how best to get back to playing our sport by contacting your District Secretary.

Bowls Scotland CEO, Alan McMillan, said: “I understand the importance of our sport to many bowlers across the country, and the eagerness to return to the green as soon as possible. However, that can only happen when it is safe to do so and the focus at present must be to follow the current measures and slow the spread of the virus, protect the NHS and save lives.

“We will update our members and clubs as soon as the Scottish Government agrees a plan on a safe return to bowls and sport as a whole. I would like to thank all our members and clubs for their continued support in following the necessary guidelines in such difficult times.


Update 16th April 2020

Hello fellow bowlers. Hope you are all keeping well and safe? We want to thank all of the members that have taken the advantage of our reduced fees for the year 2020 of £50, and for all of your support for the club throughout these hard times.

The club still needs to maintain the upkeep of the green etc, and your donation if I can call it that is a great help. (Those of you who have paid more a refund will be forthcoming later in the year)

For further information you can go onto our Facebook page which is - Perth bowling club 1853 which we'll try to keep you informed on what's happening throughout the year, and hopefully we'll be back on the green soon.

Stay safe and if any queries/inquiries please call one of committee member.

Gordon Barclay Perth Bowling Club Secretary.


The committee have decided to follow the steps taken by the Government Guidelines. 
The opening of the green will be delayed until further notice. The Club will be open to accept fees and payment of new club tops that have been ordered.
The date for payment are as per letter delivered to each member.
Friday 20th March, Friday 27th March, & Tuesday 31st March. 19:00 to 20:30. 

 The Club will only be open for this reason, keep a close eye on this page for any updates along with our Facebook page.
Or contact any committee member for further information. 

Keep well and stay safe.

G. Barclay Club Secretary.




Following on from the latest Scottish Government advice the Board Bowls Scotland has taken the decision to cancel all Bowls Scotland events for the 2020 season.

As the National Governing Body for lawn bowls in Scotland we have a duty of care to all our members and clubs to put people’s health first. Bowls is an inclusive sport accessible to people of all ages, genders and abilities. We have been closely monitoring the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19and have taken on board advice from the Scottish Government. Following significant deliberation, the Board has taken this decision in the interest of protecting our members, particularly those in the most vulnerable groups.

At an emergency meeting of Bowls Scotland Board on Wednesday 18thMarch 2020 it was decided to cancel the following events:

Bowls Scotland National Championships (Stage One & Stage Two)

Ladies National Top 10

Linda Brennan Ladies U25 Pairs

Andrew Hamilton Trophy

Moving forward we will not be accepting any applications from clubs for our Try Bowls programme pending further government guidance. We will also not be running any Introduction, Level 1 or Level 2 Bowls Coaching Courses until further notice.

We fully understand that many clubs may suffer financial or operational difficulties due to the Coronavirus(COVID-19)outbreak and we have therefore put in place a series of support packages as set out below.

Club Support:-

•Capitation fees, National Competition entry fees and Tournament Licences fees for the 2020 season will be returned to all clubs and Associations that have already paid.

•On Thursday 19th  March,we will be releasing a Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s) document on our website for all our clubs and members.

•We will also be setting up a Bowls Scotland Helpline that will be available for any officials of member clubs to phone and receive assistance with any queries or concerns.

•Development Team will continue to host Online Webinars for anyone looking for additional Safe guarding and club support.

•Bowls Scotland is also looking at setting up a new Club Support Fund to assist clubs through this difficult period. More information to follow shortly.

The Board are currently considering options for competitive bowls later in the 2020 season if the current circumstances change in sufficient time. Bowls Scotland recommend that our member clubs consider the health and welfare of every player, coach and volunteer and carefully follow Government advice relating to the delivery of any activities during this period of uncertainty. We hope that everyone will follow this strong recommendation. Bowls Scotland will notify all clubs when there are any changes to the Scottish Government’s advice.

We are also encouraging all Scottish bowlers to,where possible, continue to pay their membership fees for the upcoming season to help your club manage through this unprecedented situation. We will also continue to work closely with the Scottish Government to identify any new funding and financial support/relief which will hopefully be made accessible to all sports clubs in Scotland.


COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions: 13:00 19 March 2020 Clubs

1.Will club capitation fees be given back to clubs/associations/affiliates? Yes, clubs, associations and affiliates will receive a full refund of capitation. This includes membership fees, competition entries, tournament licenses, yearbook and merchandise (where an order has not been fulfilled). This will be processed as soon as we can, we would ask clubs to be patient while we do this as you will appreciate with over 900clubs, associations, affiliates this will take weeks rather than days.

2.Are we still able to run a Try Bowls event this season?

No. Bowls Scotland will not be accepting any applications from clubs for our Try Bowls programme for the foreseeable future. Any clubs who have already registered for a Try Bowls event will be emailed with more information.

3.What will Bowls Scotland be advising to associations affiliated to them?

We will be advising Associations to follow the same guidance as we are asking clubs to follow.

4.What information should we be telling our members?

First thing is to reiterate to your members that their health and well being is your club’s top priority. You can share any messages and communication that has come out from Government and inform members that this is unprecedented times. At all times, your members should adhere to Government advice.

5.Can the club still arrange and play friendly matches or competitions?

As a club committee you should risk assess and ensure you are always adhering to Government advice relating to the delivery of any activities during this period of uncertainty. We hope that everyone will follow this strong recommendation. Bowls Scotland will notify all clubs when there are any changes to the Scottish Government’s advice.


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